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Low-sodium marine magnesium

Concentrated sea water from the Salt Marshes of Guérande


The Marais Salants (Salt Marshes) of Guérande, a protected area classified Natura 2000, is an emblematic place for the traditional salt harvest in the West of France.

The seawater of the last salt evaporation basins, basins in which salt workers collect salt throughout the summer season, are the waters that are the most naturally concentrated in minerals and trace elements, including magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium and potassium. Only nature can product this rich concentrate. This is the first reason for the quality of AlgoSource marine Magnesium.

These waters are a very seasonal product, harvested only once a year at the end of summer. Thus, AlgoSource has established a special partnership agreement with professional salt workers to ensure the storage of these concentrated waters, in sufficient quantity to serve its customers year-round.

To guarantee impeccable quality, AlgoSource carefully selects its partners in the salt industry, paying particular attention to the location of their salt ponds so that they are as far as possible from roads, which are a potential source of pollution. Within the framework of the ISO 9001-14001 approach to quality, their practices, respectful of the environment and the natural origin of the products, and their storage conditions are monitored on an ongoing basis.


Magnesium, an essential mineral for humans

Magnesium is a balancing act. It is involved in more than 300 biochemical reactions of the human body: it contributes to bone growth, proper cardiovascular function and protein synthesis, it improves the concentration and production of energy, it contributes to stress regulation and sleep. Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body.

Most magnesium is found in the bones (53%), 27% is found in the muscles and 19% in the soft tissue. With less than 1% circulating in our blood, it’s difficult to detect a deficiency using a simple blood test.

Magnesium supports other minerals: many other essential minerals, such as calcium, cannot do their job if magnesium is not present in sufficient quantity in the body.

The human body requires a sufficient daily intake of magnesium because it does not naturally store reserves of it. This is what most often explains magnesium deficiencies. To meet our daily needs, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has set the adequate daily intake of magnesium at 300 mg for women and 350 mg for men.

The current Western diet, based on a significant use of pesticides, which reduce the magnesium content of plants, and on excessive processing has led to a depletion of our daily intake of magnesium. It is estimated that 2/3 of Westerners do not receive the required daily intakes.


AlgoSource Marine Magnesium

Naturally rich in magnesium, concentrated sea water cannot be unused in its original state. Therefore, AlgoSource has invented an exclusive bioprocess to filter and purify it.

Furthermore, AlgoSource has developed a unique process of salt removal, without relying on heat treatment or chemicals: thanks to this exclusive process which allows it to significantly reduce the sodium level, AlgoSource can offer the market the only Marine Magnesium compatible with salt-free diets.  

AlgoSource is also able to create and formulate, upon request, seawater filtrates containing more or less salt and/or magnesium, depending on the requirements of its clientele and which may be used by the cosmetics or nutraceutical sectors.

Constantly concerned with the quality and preservation of the natural qualities of its products, AlgoSource also packages its product using a method of cold sterilization. Preserved from harvest to packaging, the product retains all of its properties.

Concentrated naturally by the sun and the wind, AlgoSource Low-sodium Marine Magnesium is an unprocessed marine extract which offers a natural, preserved and bioavailable solution. Its benefits include:

  • Improvement of neuromuscular transmission and balance
  • Support for proper functioning of the nervous system
  • Regulation of energy metabolism
  • Increased resistance to viral and bacterial attacks
  • Reduced fatigue

Support for normal functioning of the nervous system and psychological functions.

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