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Scenedesmus extract

Scenedesmus Obliquus

Scenedesmus is a cosmopolitan unicellular microalga from the chlorophycae class and from the scenedemacae family. It is non-mobile, measuring approximately 5 to 30 micrometres in length and 8 to 10 micrometres in diameter. Scenedesmus thrives in wet areas with fresh or even brackish water.

It multiplies by forming groups of cells (4 in general) which are stuck to each other. Their shape is lunar ovoid. These cells contain chloroplasts, cytoplasm and a single nucleus.

Scenedesmus contains a significant amount of chlorophyll a and b, pigments from photosynthesis, and carotenoids. This microalga carries many molecules of interest:

  • It is very rich in lutein
  • It has a high concentration of lipids and sterols and, more specifically, interesting levels of sterols Δ5 and Δ7, and phytols (BHT, BHA).
  • It is very rich in proteins: the dry matter of Scenedesmus contains 55 to 60% of proteins, or an amount as significant as that present in Spirulina which is already used as a food supplement for its richness in protein.
  • It is rich in Vitamins B1, B2, B7, B9, B12 and C.
  • It contains Polyphenols and flavonoids (quercitrin and rutin).


Scenedesmus from AlgoSource

For almost two decades, AlgoSource has been cultivating its own strain of Scenedesmus Obliquus, also called desert microalgae because of its origin in the Sahel.

This strain is preserved and kept dormant in a non-axenic unialgal manner, in a fresh water culture medium, in volumes of 10 ml to 50 ml. Year after year, thanks to a culture-conservation method, AlgoSource gently selects its strain, allowing it to optimize the qualities of resistance and production of its molecules of interest.

On this basis, an inoculum of Scenedesmus is prepared which will then be used to sow protected raceway basins that are mechanically agitated by paddle wheels and kept in greenhouses. Scenedesmus is cultivated from September to April.

The quality of the water is an essential criterion for ensuring the production of healthy biomass of high quality. Each step is validated during the culture process by microscopic control. Scenedesmus is harvested by mechanical means without any chemical additives. At the end of the culture process, a first filtration step is done using a sieve at 300 μm to remove any impurities. The harvest is then ensured by centrifugation which makes it possible to obtain a moist paste that will serve as raw material for the AlgoSource concentrated extracts.


Scenedesmus extracts, AlgoSource expertise

From this biomass, AlgoSource extracts molecules of interest without fermentation or additives, making it possible to obtain water-soluble constituents. The Scenedesmus extract, whose concentration varies depending on the needs of the customers, is finally stabilized cold using a sterilizing microfiltration process. It offers AlgoSource customers access to an ingredient with very high added value that is also 100% natural.

The major cosmetic benefits of this microalgae notably include hydration, UV protection, cellular stimulation, anti-tyrosinase activity, reduction of melanin synthesis and even acne prevention.

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