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Porphyderm® – Porphyridium Extract

Porphyridium cruentum

Porphyridium is red microalgae of marine origin belonging to the Rhodophyta class. It does not have flagella and has a spherical or ovoid shape the size of 1-40 µm.

Its cells, of varying colours of red depending on age and culture conditions, are coated in a mucilaginous sheath of polysaccharides. Unlike plants, red microalgae have no real cell wall; their mucilage cover protects them from harsh environmental conditions such as heat or strong light. This is also how they are protected from attack due to salts.

In addition to ordinary pigments such as chlorophyll and carotenoids, Rhodophytes are distinguished from other microalgae by the presence of phycobiliproteins. The most abundant in Porphyridium are the phycoerythrins which give it this characteristic red colour.  Thanks to these Phycoerythrins, red microalgae can live at a depth of up to 250 m.


Porphyridium from AlgoSource

Porphyridium cruentum is cultivated at temperatures between 20 and 25°C, both in open raceway tanks and in closed reactors lit by sunlight or artificial light. AlgoSource has chosen a closed culture system to cultivate this strain in order to reduce contamination and increase the growth and concentration performance of the microalgae. Our cultures of Porphyridium cruentum are guaranteed GMO and chemical free.

Rich in proteins (it contains 30% to 40%), Porphyridium offers, above all, two types of molecules of interest:

  • The pigment β-PhycoErythrine (BPE)
  • ExoPolySaccharides or EPS.

Based on an exclusive cold-extraction process, AlgoSource produces liquid or dry extracts with a very high concentration of BPE or EPS.


Porphyderm®, Porphyridium extract for cosmetic use

A highly-concentrated liquid extract of Porphyridium, Porphyderm® is the new 100% natural and French cosmetic revolution derived from microalgae.

Combining the unique effects of molecules such as ExoPolySaccharides and Phycoerythrin in an advanced cosmetic ingredient, offering a completely natural pink colour, Porphyderm® offers cosmetics manufacturers properties of hydration, whitening and cell revitalization, in addition to acting as an epidermal barrier.

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