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The Spirubio project

The first certified-French Spirulina

Definition of organic farming

The French Agency for the Development and Promotion of Organic Agriculture defines organic farming as follows: “a production and transformation model respectful of the environment, animal welfare and biodiversity, which provides solutions to climate change.”

To obtain organic certification, a food product must:

– contain at least 95% of its ingredients from organic farming,
– require no chemical or synthetic product in its production,
– contain no additive, colour, flavour enhancer or sweetener,
– contain no GMOs.

In the case of spirulina, this is a concern. In fact, according to the European regulation for certification in Organic Agriculture, AB label, it is impossible to refer to organic farming for any production from fresh water. Furthermore, the production of spirulina requires a mineral fertilizer, nitrogen, which is not authorized in organic farming and without biological equivalent at present.

Spirubio – the first certified-French spirulina

The R&D teams at AlgoSource are actively working to obtain organic farming certification for its spirulina cultivation at its production site.

The objective is to be able to supply its customers with spirulina cultivated under the best conditions, using fertilizers compatible with the specifications of Ecocert and/or Organic Agriculture.

The production site, in Assérac in Loire-Atlantique, has already been audited by Ecocert in order to remove the blocking points to obtaining the label. The research teams are currently in the experimental phase of cultivation.

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