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“As a coach in wellness and sports nutrition, I discovered the spirulina-based product line from AlgoSource during the La Mer XXL trade show in Nantes.

As a regular consumer of spirulina, which contains many nutritional benefits that are particularly interesting for athletes, I followed a 1-month treatment of Spirulysat® in vials before the race. It provided me with minerals and helped increase my energy.

To recover properly after the Auray-Vannes Half-Marathon, I ate snacks that I’d prepared myself (banana and oilseed muffins) and I rehydrated myself, first with water then I drank a bottle of B Blue. This allowed me to replenish my energy reserves and compensate for the loss of minerals just after the race during the period called the “metabolic window”, 30 to 40 minutes after the effort, and which allows better assimilation of nutrients. I recommend these natural products.”

Marine Canard


“For both training and competition, the body requires a lot of energy and inputs. During periods of fatigue or during long outings, a course of Spirulysat® boosts the body. A two-week treatment allows you to feel better, boost your energy, or perhaps even cancel your daily nap (no more low energy after a meal). At the rate of one vial per day in water or a juice rich in vitamin C, I recommend 3 to 4 courses of treatment per year. However, in anticipation of an exceptionally heavy workload, two vials can be taken at breakfast. It’s a real advantage for athletes.”

Thomas Champion

Mountain bike rider - Regional champion Pays de la Loire Cadet,, Team XC Radon France

“For cats, the liquid spirulina extract, Spirulysat®, is the most convenient form to use. It has very little taste and cats don’t mind the smell. Of course, some do not want it, but there aren’t many! Spirulina is an alga which contains, among other active molecules, a blue pigment, phycocyanin, which is responsible for its anti-oxidant effects. But the benefits of spirulina are not limited to its anti-oxidant effects because it’s often the starting point for improving the overall condition of the body.

How can cats benefit from it? During convalescence, the body must fiercely fight against oxidation. Consumption of this algae for 20 to 30 days improves general comfort and promotes speedy recovery. In the case of chronic pathologies such as osteoarthritis, chronic coryza, diabetes, leukosis or when the liver or kidney functions poorly, spirulina offers an interesting treatment option. In some cases, it even has to be given on an ongoing basis. It’s possible to administer it in the following manner: the treatment is given four days a week.
When a tumour or a cancerous phenomenon presents itself in a feline organism, it can be of great help. I avoid stoking the hopes (legitimate) of people who love their animal and want to see the tumour disappear thanks to a miracle solution. But one mustn’t think that administering a spirulina cure means that the tumour will only be a distant memory! But this alga is a particularly appreciated supplement. Moreover, I remain convinced that the more or less rapid evolution of a cancer depends on the capacity of the organism to fight against the disease.

By giving a natural antioxidant solution, the positive effects on the organism are often noticeable. At the time of intense shedding or when the skin “suffers”, cats often find a valuable ally. It has a beneficial effect on functioning of the digestive tract. People who feed it to their “rather plump” cats often say that the cat becomes thinner and more alert. I don’t know if spirulina causes the weight loss or if the cat loses weight because it moves more, but it’s very appreciable. Some cats suffer from chronic gingivitis. This is one of the indications for spirulina in addition to other treatments such as propolis, drinkable Aloe Vera gel, lemon balm … Some may say: “These algae heal everything!” This is not how I approach things. These algae have positive effects on the whole organism because oxidation and inflammation are never limited to a single organ.”

Dr. Céline Gastinel-Moussour

Veterinary phytotherapist

“AlgoSource has achieved undeniable national and European recognition, with remarkable participation in European programs on the farming of microalgae, notably spirulina, and on algae refining. AlgoSource has very significant research and development activities, notably through its privileged relationship with the GEPEA laboratory, UMR CNRS 6144.

AlgoSource is also involved in the field of circular engineering focused on the recovery of CO2 within the framework of ADEME and FUI projects. In recent years, AlgoSource has been heavily involved in the “health through microalgae” theme with projects in collaboration with hospitals.”

Jack Legrand

Director of UMR 6144 at CNRS / University of Nantes / Ecole des Mines de Nantes / ENITIAA - GEPEA Engineering Laboratory for Processes - Environment - Agri-food

“The benefits of Spirulysat® and of Low-sodium Marine Magnesium from AlgoSource are very significant in the framework of sports training. They make it possible to derive greater benefit from training by helping to manage fatigue and the continuous training sessions. The quality of the AlgoSource product line also makes it possible to spend the winter period in good conditions while limiting the risk of the onset of injury and over-fatigue to the extent possible. I recommend AlgoSource products as part of a sports training program but also to prevent fatigue in daily life.”

Romain Olivier

Sport rescue team at sea - ASCA 44

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