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Chlorella Vulgaris

Chlorella is a microscopic, single-celled green algae that grows in fresh water.

Very concentrated in chlorophyll, it contains 60% of proteins useful for human consumption. Its composition is very interesting because it is rich in vitamins A, B, C, E and K, mineral salts and various trace elements.

The nutritional composition of Chlorella vulgaris is strongly influenced by cultivation methods, climatic conditions and the culture medium. As with all microalgae, it must be cultivation with rigor and attention to detail.


AlgoSource Chlorella

The nutritional benefits of chlorella extracts are directly related to the quality of the raw material. AlgoSource only works with chlorella that has been rigorously controlled, meeting the requirements of ISO 9001 and 14001, certified organic and of premium quality.

In order to protect it from the outside elements, chlorella is cultivated in photobioreactors, highly technological culture systems, making it possible to control the inputs, the temperature and the pH of the culture environment. In this way, it is protected from any contamination that could harm the quality of the microalgae. After harvest, the chlorella is inspected by independent inspection bodies to ensure its high quality in complete transparency.

In addition to its natural richness in proteins, chlorella contains many molecules of interest:

  • Vitamins: A, B (including B12), C, E and K
  • Antioxidants
  • Chlorophyll
  • Carotenoids: lutein, carotene, cryptoxanthin, neoxanthin
  • Unsaturated fatty acids

Chlorella also has a unique characteristic which allows it to reproduce its cells very quickly. Scientists call this phenomenon the Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF). It is a complex which occurs during photosynthesis and which allows each chlorella cell to multiply by two approximately every 20 hours.

Several studies have demonstrated the value of chlorella for nutrition:

  • it can be used for detoxification purposes to remove heavy metals, dioxins, certain herbicides and pesticides.
  • it is identified as a stimulant and modulator of the immune system due to CGF.
  • it has anti-tumour activities and could reduce the risk of developing cancer. The first activity could be associated with the synthesis of a specific glycoprotein while the second could be linked to its high content of vitamins C, A and E.
  • its polyunsaturated fatty acids can help reduce blood pressure, decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease by improving the elasticity of the arteries and lowering cholesterol (LDL) levels and normalise blood sugar levels.


Chlorella liquid extract, an AlgoSource expertise

For many people, the whole form of Chlorella has strong taste that’s difficult to digest. This is due to two elements of chlorella: its cell wall and its high chlorophyll content.

Thanks to its exclusive cold-extraction process without the use of solvents or chemicals, AlgoSource can remove this cell wall, thereby reducing the amount of chlorophyll. AlgoSource offers a unique Chlorella extract that preserves all the original properties of the microalgae, while guaranteeing its digestibility and a more pleasant taste.

Chlorella liquid extract from AlgoSource contains essential and preserved nutrients: proteins, essential amino acids, vitamin B, lutein and β-carotene, and minerals.

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