“It’s good for you!”

Our grandparents certainly remember the unpleasant taste of cod liver oil that was given to children in schools in the 1950s.

Formerly used to fight rickets and promote growth, it was known to strengthen the body and support good health.

This is concretely a well-known product which may fall within the scope of definition of nutraceuticals.

What are nutraceuticals?

Resulting from blending the terms “nutritional” and “pharmaceutical”, the term nutraceutical is a neologism whose concept is sometimes vague.

It is usually used to refer to food supplements in the form of capsules, tablets or vials – like cod liver oil(!) – consumed to supplement a normal diet with a concentrated source of nutrients. There may be many objectives: to compensate for a lack or a deficiency, to reduce dietary discomfort, to act on disease risk factors by maintaining a physiological balance. In its most recent meaning, the term “nutraceutical” incorporates more complex elements and approaches seeking to reveal the active ingredients present in the living world. These molecules and bioactive ingredients, present in their natural state in our food, are identified and concentrated in order to enhance their potential within the framework of health prevention. The active substance naturally present in the food is extracted and formulated in different concentrations in order to obtain the best possible nutritional effect.

At AlgoSource, what makes the difference is the natural approach to our products, the effectiveness of the active ingredients derived from our microalgae and the justification of this effectiveness by clinical data integrating the same protocols as for the most stringent clinical pharmaceutical studies.


What are the benefits of nutraceuticals?

Stress, fatigue, pollution and poor nutrition impact the lives of a good number of individuals. Certain lifestyles can be the source of nutritional deficiencies and become fertile ground for the development of chronic diseases. Nutrient supplementation through nutraceuticals is intended, in particular, to help fight against low energy and oxidative stress or to help the body increase its immune defences.

Consuming nutraceutical products increases your intake of micronutrients and phytonutrients. The 100% natural bioactive ingredients can help satisfy the body’s daily need for vitamins and minerals in order to help it defend itself against various aggressors. Whether you are looking for a natural solution to increase your energy or to provide an additional dose of protein in your diet, nutraceuticals provide an appropriate response. Fight fatigue, increase athletic performance, reduce oxidative stress… Today, more and more consumers are looking for smart products to improve their well-being on a daily basis and over the long term.


Nutraceuticals and microalgae

For nearly three decades, AlgoSource has revealed the natural potential of microalgae to produce food supplements and nutraceutical ingredients. Each AlgoSource nutraceutical ingredient is offered in bulk, in own brand or made to measure according to customer needs (private label, personalized concentration of active ingredients, specific formulation, etc.) Without going through steps of heating or drying, the cold extraction performed by AlgoSource preserves all the molecules of interest from the microalgae, which must be protected until their final consumption. This is the role of cold sterilization which, like cold extraction, is done so as to preserve all the functional richness of the microalgae extracts. At the end of these extraction and sterilization steps, AlgoSource obtains a liquid, bioactive and highly qualitative product.

AlgoSource performs all the steps required, internally, to offer very high-quality bioactive nutraceuticals to the market (R&D, algaculture, extraction, development of molecules of interest, sterilization, objectification of functionalities). This is the know-how that it has developed over nearly thirty years and represents the value behind the guarantee it offers to its customers.

Discover our bioactive products and ingredients, 100% natural and 100 % made in France. They are extracted with water, without solvents or chemicals, and cold sterilized to retain all their original properties.