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Concentrated sea waters from the Salt Marshes of Guérande

Concentrated seawater or Mother Liquor

The Marais Salants (Salt Marshes) of Guérande, a protected area classified Natura 2000, is an emblematic place for the traditional salt harvest in the West of France.

The seawater of the last salt evaporation basins, basins in which salt workers collect salt throughout the summer season, are the waters that are the most naturally concentrated in minerals and trace elements, including magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium and potassium. Only nature can product this rich concentrate. This is the first reason for the quality of AlgoSource marine Magnesium.

These waters are a very seasonal product, harvested only once a year at the end of summer. Thus, AlgoSource has established a special partnership agreement with professional salt workers to ensure the storage of these concentrated waters, in sufficient quantity to serve its customers year-round.

To guarantee impeccable quality, AlgoSource carefully selects its partners in the salt industry, paying particular attention to the location of their salt ponds so that they are as far as possible from roads, which are a potential source of pollution. Within the framework of the ISO 9001-14001 approach to quality, their practices, respectful of the environment and the natural origin of the products, and their storage conditions are monitored on an ongoing basis.

To ensure perfect assimilation in formulations and to retain all of its natural benefits, seawater from the Salt Marshes of the Guérande peninsula is optimized during a complex filtration and conditioning process.

As such, AlgoSource can supply its clients with products derived from seawater year-round and offer them an alternative that’s particularly rich in trace elements and minerals in an aqueous base for their cosmetic formulations.

With its expertise and exclusive filtration and concentration processes, AlgoSource offers cosmetics manufacturers:

  • Seawater with a high or low sodium concentration: seawater filtrates
  • Seawater with high or low concentrations of magnesium chloride: Marine Magnesium


AlgoSource Seawater Filtrates

The sodium naturally present in seawater can be, depending on the desired cosmetic formula, an advantage or a disadvantage.

Thanks to its expertise in extraction and concentration processes, AlgoSource has developed a unique method, without heat treatment, solvents or chemicals, making it possible to reduce the sodium content of seawater.
At the same time, the partnership that it has established with its salt workers allows it, conversely, to produce cosmetic ingredients with a very high sodium content.

These two processes allow AlgoSource to measure, on demand, the sodium concentrations necessary for the needs of its clients for their cosmetic formulas.


AlgoSource Marine Magnesium

Naturally rich in magnesium, present in the form of magnesium chloride in a natural state, concentrated sea water is, nonetheless, not usable in its natural state. Therefore, AlgoSource invented an exclusive bioprocess to filter and purify it. This technological mastery allows it to offer its clients cosmetic ingredients with a specific dose of magnesium, since this personalisation is compatible with the aforementioned possibility of personalising the sodium content.

Magnesium has several dermatological benefits:

  • it plays an essential role in the function and integrity of the endothelial barrier
  • it traps free radicals, reacting to oxidative stress
  • it reduces skin redness by increasing hydration
  • it slows skin aging by limiting the release of messengers of inflammation

Constantly concerned with the quality and preservation of the natural qualities of its products, AlgoSource has also developed a sterile packaging system for this liquid magnesium. Preserved from harvest to packaging, the product retains all of its properties until delivery to the customer.

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