Spirulysat® Small Animals



Box of 30 vials of 2 ml

– Spirulysat® Small Animals provides metabolic support in the key periods in the life of your little companion: signs of age, anaemia, fatigue, convalescence, lactation, physical effort, etc.
– It’s suitable for all types of pets, regardless of their age

Since the dawn of time, spirulina has been known for its contribution to antioxidant activities and to strengthening the body’s immune defences. The Aztecs consumed spirulina in the form of pancakes, called “tecuitlatl”. In Africa, in north eastern Chad, Kanembous women harvest it from the surface of certain lakes. Historically, the people of Lake Chad have consumed this spirulina after it has been dried and preserved in the form of a pancake (dihé).

From a nutritional point of view, spirulina has an exceptional composition. This microalga is rich in proteins, b-carotene, assimilable iron, g-linoleic acid and vitamin B12. Above all, it’s the only food to contain phycocyanin, the active ingredient of Spirulysat® Small Animals, produced by AlgoSource.

Spirulysat® Small Animals is highly concentrated in phycocyanin, the main molecule of interest in spirulina. Tasteless and odourless, it’s perfectly accepted by animals.

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– Animals weighing 2 to 5 kg: ½ vial/day
– Animals weighing 5 to 10 kg: 1 vial/day
– For animals weighing more than 10 kg: contact us



– Liquid spirulina extract concentrated at 2 mg/vial of 2ml
– Sterilized water, purified by filtration
– Acidifier: malic acid less than 0.1%



– Product 100% Made in France
– Spirulysat® Small Animals is made from spirulina biomass that is cultivated and controlled in our own algae farm in the heart of the salt marshes of the Guérande peninsula
– It is extracted and packaged under sterile conditions in our production unit in Guérande

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