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Le groupe AlgoSource, expert mondial reconnu dans les microalgues. Notre groupe basé à Saint-Nazaire se développe dans le domaine des bioprocédés marins. Nous travaillons sur toute la chaine d’activité depuis la production en conditions contrôlées jusqu’à la valorisation de produits naturels auprès de clients distributeurs en Europe. Le durable, une notion verte déclinée au quotidien au sein du groupe AlgoSource. Soucieux de mêler innovation et durabilité et certifié ISO 9001 et 14001, notre groupe s´implique au quotidien dans des actions sociales et solidaires tournées vers l’avenir (découvrir notre charte qualité). Merci de n’envoyer votre candidature que pour des offres d’emploi. Les candidatures spontanées autres (emploi, alternance ou stage) ne seront pas traitées.

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT MANAGER AlgoSource is a company specialised in the valorisation of microalgae products whose vision is now summarized by: Microalgae for Health. The first producer of Spirulina in Europe before 1995, one of the oldest microalgae company in the world, AlgoSource is now recognised for its knowhow and its products: Spirulysat® is a unique Spirulina extract with proven antioxidant activity and a patent covering the NASH prevention effect that has been identified. Algosource is developing a portfolio of new products taking Spirulysat® has a model and aiming at clinically proven functionalities for each of them. In order to realise this development, Algosource has raised 1 M€ of private equity end of 2018. In addition, Algosource has successfully contributed to the financing of several H2020 projects that develop new strains of interest. In this context AlgoSource is looking for an experimented product development manager with the following responsibilities:

  • Identification of market demands in the cosmetic, nutraceutical, and plant health area
  • Identification of microalgae functionalities that will respond to the market demands
  • Development of the marketing elements that will be used by the commercial teams, and more specifically monitoring of the functionality’s objectification process
  • Redaction of technical data sheet and functionality data sheet
  • Identification of the best partners (in France and/or abroad) required for the product developments
  • Management of the related product development projects

With at least 10 years of experience in several Innovation jobs, you have a strong experience in product development in at least one of the targeted markets: cosmetic, nutraceuticals, plant health. In addition, you have managed development projects during several years with multiple partners in France and abroad. As a consequence, you must speak fluently French and your English is excellent both in speaking and writing. You can lead a project, taking full responsibility under the direction of AlgoSource’s management team. A scientific and/or technologic oriented background would be a great support of your position.

  •  An experience in a health company is a plus for this Job
  • A curricular in human or animal biochemistry will also be a plus
  • Strong communication skills are required for this job.

Conditions: position situated in Saint-Nazaire (44600), in the west of France, on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. With a mild climate, Saint-Nazaire offers a very nice living style, with a family-oriented city that has excellent education services and job opportunities for partners. You will have a full-time employee status with medical insurance in the French system. Your salary will be in between 40-45 k€ annual gross (before tax) plus an annual bonus based on company and personal performance. AlgoSource is looking for motivated people who wish to join a very dynamic environment and the possibility of fast progression based on achievements and behaviour. Our values are Expertise, Trust, health preservation, quality, performance and environmental foot-print reduction. If you want to join our company, please send your application by email to Date de publication: 17/12/2019