Guérande marine magnesium


To combat stress and chronic fatigue, and more besides.

What role does magnesium play?

Magnesium improves neuromuscular balance and regulates the metabolism. It also improves health and promotes strong bones and teeth by helping to fix calcium properly. It is required for the nervous system to function correctly. Furthermore, magnesium is often considered to be a natural “anti-stress” product.

Magnesium: a natural product suitable for everyone… especially athletes

Magnesium aids muscle relaxation after contraction. It contributes towards normal muscle function and offsets the effects of dehydration caused by perspiration and thereby reduces aching.

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To combat stress and chronic fatigue, and more besides.

How much magnesium do we need every day?

The recommended daily allowance is 6 mg per kilo of body weight.

Why use Guérande marine magnesium?

Marine magnesium is harvested from the salt marshes where salt is produced. The salt marshes around the Guérande peninsula are one of the last areas in France where salt is still produced according to traditional methods.

Why magnesium from here and not somewhere else?

The magnesium from the Guérande salt marshes is rich in the trace elements and mineral salts naturally occurring in the ocean. It is suitable for low-sodium diets, since the magnesium is sodium-free and can easily be absorbed by the body in its liquid form.

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